Research Interests

  • The research conducted in Biochemistry Laboratory concentrate on the following major topics:
    • isolation and identification of siderophore-like substances, natural iron chelators
    • isolation and identification of carotenoids in marine biota
    • isolation and characterization of proteins

  • Marine biotechnology
    • marine organisms (algae and cyanobacteria) as a source of high value added products
    • application of peptidomics in environmental studies and in search for potential pharmaceuticals
    • marine biotoxins

  • Abiotic factors influencing ecophysiological processes of phytoplankton cells - growth, photosynthesis, composition and contents of pigments, and transport of metal ions through cell membranes, at present iron.

  • Allelopathic interactions between phytoplankton species.

  • Culture Collection of Microalgae and Bacteria – Institute of Oceanology PAS –Biochemistry Laboratory
    • Development and maintenance of a microalgal culture collection including
      • Chlorella vulgaris (A1-76),
      • Dictyosphaerium pulchellum (C2-79),
      • Scenedesmus armatus (B1-76),
      • Scenedesmus microspina (B2-76), which represent axenic cultures of the green algae isolated from the Baltic Sea.
  • Development and maintenance of a bacterial culture collection
    • Heterotrophic bacteria from brackish water of the Southern Baltic Sea - Culture Collection IO PAS – Biochemistry Lab
      16S rDNA – based identification of bacterial isolates (references 1;2)
Closest matching organism in GenBank
(accession number)
1 100 (Solibacillus silvestris AJ006086)
Re-examination of the taxonomic position of Bacillus silvestris
Rheims et al. 1999; Krishnamurthi et al. 2009
2 96 Pontibacter actiniarum (AY989908) Nedeshkovskaya et al. 2005
3 99 Erythrobacter vulgaris strain 022 4–7 (AY706938) Ivanova et al. 2005
Erythrobacter vulgaris strain 022 2–12 (AY706937)
Erythrobacter vulgaris strain 022 2–10 (AY706935)
Erythrobacter sp. MB-16 (AF325446) Francis et al. 2001
Alpha proteobacterium MBIC2351 (AB012061) Hamada et al. unpublished
4 99 Micrococcus luteus (AF542073) Tang & Gillevet 2003
5 99 Erythrobacter flavus strain SW-52 (AF500005) Yoon et al. 2003
Erythrobacter flavus strain SW-46 (AF50004)
Erythrobacter citreus (AF118020) Vybiral et al. 1999
6 98 Aurantimonas coralicida strain WP1 (AY065627) Denner et al. 2003
Fulvimarina litoralis strain HTCC2156 (AY178863) Cho & Giovannoni 2003

  1. Cabaj A., Palińska K., Kosakowska A., Kurlenda J., Biochemical and molecular identification and characterization of heterotrophic bacteria from brackish water of the Southern Baltic Sea, Oceanologia, 2006, 48(4), 525-543
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