MSc Ewa Korejwo


I am a Ph.D. student at the Department of Marine Chemistry and Biochemistry at the Institute of Oceanology of the Polish Academy of Sciences. My interest in the circulation of mercury (Hg) and other metals in the environment started already during my graduate studies. At that time, I was working on Hg fractionation in aerosols in the coastal zone of the South Baltic Sea. The topic of mercury in aerosols is still the area of my research interest, but at this point, I am focusing more on mercury in other parts of the ecosystem. My research concerns mercury and methylmercury in sediments and benthic organisms from polar regions. The area of my research is the fjords of Spitsbergen (Arctic) and the area of Admiralty Bay (Antarctica). Currently, during my Ph.D. studies, I plan to assess the impact of mercury from anthropogenic sources on the marine ecosystem in the polar regions. In addition, the results obtained by me should allow determining the amount of mercury from anthropogenic and natural sources and their impact on the environment in the Arctic and Antarctic regions.

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