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  1. Stokowski, M., Winogradow, A., Szymczycha, B., Carstensen, J., Kuliński, K. (2021). The CO2 System Dynamics in the Vicinity of the Vistula River Mouth (the southern Baltic Sea): A baseline investigation. Estuar. Coast. Shelf Sci. 258, 107444.
  2. Stokowski, M., Makuch, P., Rutkowski, K., Wichorowski, M., Kuliński, K. (2021). A system for the determination of surface water pCO2 in a highly variable environment, exemplified in the southern Baltic Sea. Oceanologia 63, 276–282.
  3. Stokowski M., Schneider B., Rehder G., Kuliński K., 2020. The CO2 System Characteristics of the Oder River Estuary (the Baltic Sea)), J Mar Syst, 211, 103418,
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  5. Kuliński, K., Schneider, B., Szymczycha, B., Stokowski, M. (2017). Structure and functioning of the acid-base system in the Baltic Sea, Earth System Dynamics, 8, 1107-1120,
  6. Białk-Bielińska A., Mulkiewicz E., Stokowski M., Stolte S., Stepnowski P., 2017. Acute aquatic toxicity assessment of six anti-cancer drugs and one metabolite using biotest battery - Biological effects and stability under test conditions. Chemosphere 189, 689-698,